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Rental Media Network owns and operates high value GEO Real-Estate domains such as: LARentals.com, MiamiRentals.com, PhiladelphiaRentals.com, NewYorkRentals.com, and many more!

Rental Media Network built enterprise level real-estate software which can be rapidly customized and deployed on any GEO Real-Estate domain. We built the Rental Media Network to provide the highest possible ROI on GEO Real-Estate domains by maximizing the revenue potential through multiple revenue sources.

Do you own a geo real-estate domain name, but have never developed it? Or, worse yet, just have the name parked? If so, you are wasting an incredible opportunity.

The proper development of a Geo Real-Estate Domain Name is the first step in making it more valuable. A prospective buyer faces the daunting task of development, and this is an expensive proposition for them, both in money and in time. If your goal is to sell your domain, your chances are much better if it is developed. If your goal is keeping the asset and monetizing it, Rental Media Network is by far the best option for you.

Don’t start from scratch by trying to learn how to build a geo real-estate domain on your own. We take the hassle and stress out of building a new site – not to mention the expense and years of hit or miss learning and tweaking that goes into developing a successful geo real-estate domain.

You can be as hands on or as hands off as you wish. Our staff takes care of the design, development and initial content and photos. We also offer monthly services once the site is launched to maintain the site with fresh content and we can even handle the sales and marketing for you!

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